Real American Problems: Racism And Reverse Racism Meanings Are Misused

Terminology Talk

Today we will discuss two terms known as racism and reverse racism and how I have come to believe these definition aren’t used appropriately.

1.) Racism- “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races”

2.) Reverse Racism- “Reverse racism is discrimination against the dominant racial group in a society.”

These are the web definitions. There is no term in the definition of racism that talks about the dominate group discriminating against the subordinate group. It only mentions abilities that are distinguished as inferior and superior. Racism is a opinion based on race.

So where exactly did the dominate group being discriminated against by the subordinate group come from in the definition of reverse racism? By the terminology, that term is not described as a opinion like racism. It is a statement.
If anything, any group discriminating to a different group is racism. People usually agree with that.

—If reverse means the opposite, and the opposite of a different is same, than wouldn’t reverse racism mean…

“The dominate group discriminating against some people of the dominate group”
or in a more accepting way…
“A group of people discriminating against some or all of the same group members”

Although we have these terminologies defined for us, that does not mean we shouldn’t question what these things actually mean. For some to say reverse racism is a dominate group being discriminate against by a subordinate group, that just encouraging people to believe one group is dominate over another. That encourages division between people. Division leads to confusion, confusion leads ignorance, ignorance can ignite hate.

I personally feel like saying dominate and subordinate are unnecessary. If we want to say majority and minority, why don’t we just say…majority and minority. Of course a minority can eventually become a majority, so would that terminology still be the same? Understanding this term is like playing 20 questions.


That is why this terminology needs new defining. This is why I question these things. Plenty of people speak about what happens in society between people, but many do not speak on the terminologies we use. We just accept them the way they are, regardless of its impact on us. Words are meaningful, symbolic, and they do have hidden messages.

This is not a story telling people to not use these terms. This is a story asking people to understand the meaning behind these words by questioning it, without ignorantly assuming is it correct because its documented. Who are the people that document this and create the new definition?


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